Anmeldelser 2010:

Shotgun Whalers: "Sharp Blade" (12.10)

Various: "Seasonal Favorites" – Volume 3 (12.10)

Various: "Teen Rockin’ Party" – volume one & two (12.10)

Slick 49: "Go Wild With Me!!!" (12.10)

Tone Silvia Holen: "Blue Rose" (12.10)

The Derailers: "Live! From Texas" (12.10)

Ragged Bones: "Drag ‘em Bones Back To Duty!" (12.10)

The Lucky Bullets: "Gold Digger" (12.10)

The Di Maggio Connection: "The Route Of Time" (12.10)

The Hard Rollin’ Daddies + The Sabrejets:
Konsert Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Moss, lørdag 4. desember (12.10)

Sixtyniners: "Too Drunk To Truck" (12.10)

Jamie Clarke’s Perfect: "Fucking Folkabillie Rock" (11.10)

Ella & The Roosters: "Miss A-Bomb" (11.10)

Marti Brom: "Not For Nothin’" (11.10)

The Soil Senders: "Greased" (11.10)

The Cornell Hurd Band: "A Bad Year For Love" (11.10)

Various: "The Memphis Jukebox" – volume one & two (11.10)

Various: "The Holly Sound" (11.10)

The Rockets: "Space Mission" (11.10)

Konsert Gamla, Oslo, lørdag 6. november (11.10)

The Hub Caps: "3rd Base" (11.10)

Hold Your Horses: "Hold Your Horses" (11.10)

The Cheaterslicks: "Rev Up, Burn Out" (11.10)

Landon Dodd: "Call Of The Wine" (11.10)

Las Vargas: "Shivers.." (10.10)

The Grizzly Family: "The JCR Sessions" (10.10)

Jerry Lee Lewis: "Mean Old Man" (10.10)

"BANNED IN THE UK – Sex Pistols Exiled to Oslo 1977": Bokanmeldelse (10.10)

Maibell & The Misfires: "Ride Along!" (10.10)

Mono Lake + The RedHot Trio + Trouble Boys:
Konsert Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Moss, lørdag 16. oktober (10.10)

The Honky Tonk Pounders: "Devil Bop" (10.10)

Rip Masters + Billy T Band:
Konsert Samfunnssalen, Moss, lørdag 9. oktober (10.10)

Rocket Overdrive: "Not You" (10.10)

Various: "Please, Give me Something: The Roots Of the Stray Cats" (10.10)

The Buddy Holly Musical:
Folketeatret, Oslo, fredag 8. oktober (10.10)

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion: "Raw Deal" (10.10)

Hank Williams: "Rockin' Chair Money" (10.10)

The Astrophonix: "Mental Interference" (10.10)

The Baseballs:
Konsert Sentrum Scene, Oslo, lørdag 2. oktober (10.10)

Johnny Rocket: "Dance Embargo" (9.10)

Little Ace & His Specialities + Green Kryptonite:
Konsert Bryggetaket, Fredrikstad, lørdag 24. september (9.10)

Warren Ace & The Dukes: "Why Waltz When You Can Rock And Roll?" (9.10)

Sonny Rogers & The Kingpins:
Konsert Caven, Oslo, lørdag 18. september (9.10)

Rocket Overdrive + The Johnny Storm Band:
Konsert Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Moss, lørdag 11. september (9.10)

Foggy Mountain Rockers: "Angel Heart" (9.10)

Various: "Walldorf Rock’n’Roll Weekender 2010" (9.10)

Laura B & The Moonlighters: "Jump And Shout" (9.10)

The Greyhounds: "Story Of Our Life" (9.10)

Various: "Punk Chartbusters Vol. 6" (9.10)

Rockaround Rumble #4: Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades + Rocket Overdrive + The Swingville Bros + Jungle Tigers + The Hard Rollin’ Daddies:
Konsert Trysil Hotell, Trysil. Fredag 27. og lørdag 28. august (8.10)

The King Baker’s Combo: "The Crest Sessions" (8.10)

Robert Gordon & Red Hot:
Konsert Christians Kjeller, Kongsberg. Fredag 20. august (8.10)

Johnny Bush And The Bandoleros: "Play The Hits" (8.10)

The Barnstompers: "Move On In!" (8.10)

Sarah Blackwood: "Wasting Time" (8.10)

The Boppin’ Gliesers: "Gliese Attack" (8.10)

Red West & Hot Rhythm!: "Red West & Hot Rhythm!" (8.10)

Annita & The Starbombers: "It’d Surprise You" (8.10)

Urban Junior: "Two Headed Demon" (7.10)

The Lazy Boys: "Shadows" (7.10)

Miss Leslie: "Wrong Is What I Do Best" (7.10)

Jungle Tigers: "She’s My Witch" – 4-spors vinyl ep (7.10)

The Starline Rhythm Boys: "Masquerade For Heartache" (7.10)

Snakebite: "Full Throttle" (7.10)

Mcrackins: "It Ain’t Over Easy" (7.10)

Sjock Festival:
Konsert Gierle, Belgia. 9., 10., 11. juli 2010 (7.10)

Jimmie Vaughan: "Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites" (7.10)

Mystery Train: "Enjoy This Boogie!" (7.10)

Peter Berry And The Shake Set: "Memphis Tennessee / Jenka Train" (7.10)

Jake Hooker: "Lost Along The Way" (7.10)

John Fogerty:
Konsert Sentrum Scene, Oslo. 29. juni (6.10)

Delaney Davidson: "In His Latest Mystery Self Decapitation" (6.10)

The Dahlmanns: "The Dahlmanns" – 4-spors ep (6.10)

The Moonstompers: "Well… Allright" (6.10)

Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers: "The Kneeanderthal Sounds Of…" (6.10)

Eldar Vågan & The Eldarados:
Konsert Mono, Oslo. 17. juni (6.10)

Dirty Handshake: "Easy EP" (6.10)

Anton Ruud & The Wrong Way Home: "War" (6.10)

The Dead Brothers: "5th Sin-Phonie" (6.10)

Johnny Knife & His Rippers + The Moonstompers + Twang Gang:
Konsert Folkvang, Skjeberg, 5. juni (6.10)

Chris Isaak & Silvertone + Charlotte & The Co-Stars:
Konsert Rockefeller, Oslo, 2. juni (6.10)

Highway 54: "The Perfect Stranger" (6.10)

Nilsen’s Southern Harmony: "Hardcore Roadhouse Gospel" (6.10)

Peter Berry And The Shake Set + The Archers:
Konsert Kon-Tiki Museet, Oslo, 30. mai (5.10)

Rip Carson and the Twilight Trio: "Savage American Rock" + "Stand Back!" (5.10)

Sue Moreno & Jack Rabbit Slim: "One Track Mind" (5.10)

Jason & the Scorchers:
Konsert John Dee, Oslo, 13. mai (5.10)

The Roy Kay Combo: "I’m Hooked" (5.10)

Stephen Ackles and the Memphis News + Linda Gail Lewis:
Konsert Gamla, Oslo, 12. mai (5.10)

Kongefamilien: "Candy’s Room" (5.10)

Various: "The History Of Rhythm And Blues 1952-57" – 4-cd boks (5.10)

Backstreet Girls: "Let The Boogie Do The Talking!" – dvd (5.10)

Johnny Horton: "The Fantastic Johnny Horton" (5.10)

The Atomic Three: "The Atomic Three" (4.10)

The Silver Hawks: "Fly City To City" (4.10)

Pipes And Pints: "Until We Die" (4.10)

Francine: "Trouble EP" (4.10)

Casey Jones & The Governors: "The Best Of" (4.10)

The Rumblejetts: "Summer Time Apples" (4.10)

Hot Wire: "Tribute" + "If It Ain’t Rock’n’Roll We’ll Fix It" (4.10)

Ray Smith: "Rockin’ Little Angel - The Sun Years, Plus" (4.10)

The Men They Couldn’t Shave: "It’s Just Restlesness" (4.10)

The Bonneville Barons: "Cures What Ails You" (3.10)

Tom Powder: "Dangerous Curves" (3.10)

Burt Rocket: "Savage Iceland" (3.10)

Jack Rabbit Slim: "Hairdos & Heartaches" (3.10)

Various: "The History Of Rhythm And Blues 1942-52" – 4-cd boks (3.10)

The Untamed: "Delicious Death…" (3.10)

Various: "Rock-A-Socka-Hop!" (3.10)

Seventy Niners: "Bad Taste Of Life" (3.10)

Nick Curran And The Lowlifes: "Reform School Girl" (2.10)

The Hot Rod Gang: "Silver Wedding" (2.10)

Beatmakers: "Nuthin’ Fancy" (2.10)

The Mobsmen: "Scelerats Syndicate" (2.10)

Cliff Richard And The Shadows:
Konsert Adelaide, South Australia, 10. februar 2010 (2.10)

The Hard Rollin' Daddies + Pep Torres (US) + Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers (UK):
Konsert Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Moss, 13. februar (2.10)

The Goo Men: "Three Thumbs Up!" (2.10)

"Catch That Rockabilly Fever". Bokanmeldelse (2.10)

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings: "The Best Of" (2.10)

Wreck48: "The Southern Cat Rock Again" + "Good Feelin’ Wrecks" (2.10)

Happy Times: "Twang-o-Matic" (1.10)

Various: "Rock’n’Roll Weekender" – dvd (1.10)

Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades: "Rock & Roll Supreme!" (1.10)

Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Bush: "Texas Legends" (1.10)

Three Bad Jacks + Mono Lake:
Konsert Gamla, Oslo, 16. januar (1.10)

Daryl Haywood Combo: "I’m Gonna Get Away!" (1.10)

Defrosters: "Strings, Skins & Alcohol!" (1.10)

J. Tex: "Misery" (1.10)

Buck Stevens: "Dance Floor Favorites" (1.10)

JT Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters: "Live" (1.10)

The Pinstripes: "Road From Hell" (1.10)