Anmeldelser 2009:

Neva River Rockets: "Time To Have A Time" (12.09)

El Rio Trio + Cherry Casino and the Gamblers:
Konsert Cruise Inn, Amsterdam, 19. desember 2009

Sam & the Inmates: "Cooped Up" (12.09)

Old 97’s: "Wreck Your Life…And Then Some" (12.09)

Cosh Boys: "Long Live Rock’n’Roll" (12.09)

Cherry Tess And Her Rhythm Sparks: "It Doesn’t Matter" (12.09)

Blast From The Past:
Konsert Skedsmo bluesklubb, 5. desember 2009

The Jime: "Rockabilly Beat" (12.09)

Backyard Drifters + Shotgun Whalers + Black Raven:
Konsert Wild Bunch Rock'n'Roll Club, Moss, 5. desember 2009

Peter Berry & The Shake Set: "Berry Express" - 4-spors vinyl-EP (12.09)

The Booze Brothers: "Rock’n’Roll Mutiny" (12.09)

Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks: "The Complete Early Years (1982-1999)" (12.09)

Various: "Havin’ A Ball" - dvd (11.09)
Filmed at the 12th Rockabilly Rave

Brian Setzer Orchestra: "Songs From Lonely Avenue" (11.09)

Cliff Richard And The Shadows:
Konsert Oslo Spektrum, 23. november 2009

Streaplers: "Kom og Dans" (11.09)

Lil’ Linn and the Lookout Boys: "Sharpshooting Gal" (11.09)

John Lindberg Trio: "Brand New Philosophy" (11.09)

Trouble Boys + Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks + Foggy Mountain Rockers + Town Rebels + Hellcats + Rock'n'Feller:
Konsert Oberhausen, Tyskland, 6. og 7. november 2009

Fireball Steven: "The Many Sides Of…" (11.09)

Built For Speed: "Even Roadies Get Their Share" (11.09)

Gagarin Brothers: "Twist Behind The Iron Curtain" (11.09)

Rosie Flores And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts: "Girl Of The Century" (11.09)

Dave Peters: "Rockin’ With Dave Peters" (10.09)

Junior Marvel’s Catrhythm: "Southern & Rockin’" (10.09)

The Del Moroccos: "Blue Black Hair" (10.09)

The Bonneville Barons:
Konsert på Caven, Oslo, 24. oktober 2009

Eilen Jewell:
Konsert på Erlandsens Conditori, Halden, 22. oktober 2009

The Vibrants: "Dance With The Vibrants" (10.09)

Various: "Virginia Rocks!" (10.09)
The History of Rockabilly in the Commonwealth

David Moore: "The Hillbilly Stroll with David Moore" (10.09)

Wild Roosters + Rebels Revenge + Foggy Mountain Rockers:
Konsert på Wild Bunch Rock'n'Roll Club, Moss, 10. oktober 2009

CC Jerome’s Jetsetters + Polecats:
Konsert på Cruise Inn, Amsterdam, 10. oktober 2009

Cliff Richard & The Shadows: "Reunited" (10.09)

Sweet Emma & The Mood Swingers: "Turn It Up!" (10.09)

Rumble Club: "The Bad In Me" (9.09)

Various: "El Mexican Rock And Roll Vol. 1" (9.09)

The Reverend Horton Heat: "Laughin '& Cryin' With The Reverend Horton Heat" (9.09)

Various: "Just Around Bakersfield" (9.09)

Various: "Foot Tappin’ and Dance at the Screamin’ Festival Vol. 2" (9.09)

Dash Rip Rock:
Konsert på Mono, Oslo, 9. september 2009

Miss Mary Ann – The Ragtime Wranglers – The Ranch Girls: "Selections 1993 - 2008" (9.09)

Bobby Bare + G Thomas:
Konsert på Rockefeller, Oslo, 3. september 2009

Det Betales: "Norwegians Would..." (9.09)

Rebel Ted Rock: "Teddyboy Express" (9.09)

Rebound: "License To Love" (9.09)

Various: "Great Rock’n’Roll Instrumentals" (8.09)
Just About As Good As It Gets! - The Original Rock’n’Roll Recordings 1950-1960

The Slapbacks: "Buckle Up!" (8.09)

Blue Valley Boys (S) + The Daltons + Paul Ansell’s Number Nine (UK):
Rockaround Rumble #3, Trysil, 22. august 2009

Little Rachel & The Hogs Of Rhythm: "When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot" (8.09)

CC Jerome’s Jetsetters: "Introducing…" (8.09)

The Unkool Hillbillies: "Evil Times" (8.09)

The Mobsmen + The Cheaters:
Konsert på Pigalle, Oslo, 11. august 2009

Various: "Manu Records Story – A Scandinavian Teen Scene" (8.09)

John Lindberg Trio + Refresments + Linda Gail Lewis:
Konsert Älvdalen Folkpark, Sverige, 7. august 2009

Raw Deal: "South Of 1-10" (8.09)

The Silvertones: "Hi-Ho-Silver Radio" (8.09)

J.B. Beverley & the Wayward Drifters: "Watch America Roll By" (7.09)

The Side-Wynders: "Rompin’ & Stompin’ With The Side-Wynders" (7.09)

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band: "The Whole Fam Damnily" (7.09)

Rick Broussard m/ Two Hoots and a Holler
Konsert på Herr Nilsen, Oslo, 1. juli 2009.

Einar Teigen: "Lev!" (7.09)

Chris Casello Trio: "Chris Casello Trio" (7.09)

Redline Rockets: "Redline Rockets" (7.09)

Deke Dickerson: "King Of The Whole Wide World" (7.09)

Big Rooney And The Doghouse: "A Murder Of Crows" (6.09)

Peter Berry & The Shake Set: "The More, The Berrier" - 4-spors vinyl-EP (6.09)

Various: "Great British Skiffle" (6.09)
Just About As Good As It Gets! - The Original Skiffle Recordings 1952-1958 – Vol 3

Hot Mama and Something Else: "Big Bad Wolf" (6.09)

The Domestic Bumblebees: "Crying For More" (6.09)

Kim Lenz And The Jaguars: "It’s All True!" (6.09)

Various Artists: "Ride The Pale Horse" (6.09)

Wayne Hancock: "Viper of Melody" (6.09)

Fabulous Daddy: "Do You Feel A Wanderer?" (6.09)

Various: "Out of the Valley" - Preston Rockabilly - Volume 2 (6.09)

"The Wild Bunch Rock'n'Roll Club's 10th Anniversary":
Konsert Wild Bunch, Moss, fredag 22.- og lørdag 23. mai 2009

Buck Stevens: "I Won’t Be Your Fool" - 4-spors vinyl EP (5.09)

Domestic Bumblebees:
Konsert Buddy Scene, Drammen, lørdag 22. mai 2009

"The Original Elvis Tribute 2009":
Konsert Feelgood, Halden, tirsdag 19. mai 2009

ORBO & The Longshots: "High Roller" (5.09)

"Rockabilly Hællvette": Shotgun Whalers + Big Truck + The Retrorockers
Konsert Gamla, Oslo, onsdag 20. mai 2009

Chris Spedding: "One Step Ahead Of The Blues" (5.09)

Various: "Campus Boogie" - Collectors Choice – Volume 2 (5.09)

The AfterShades: "First Affection – Spirit of 62’" (5.09)

The Black Crabs: "13 Times" (5.09)

Hamp Goes Wild: "Roomin’ House Boogie!" (5.09)

Charlie Feathers: "Can’t Hardly Stand It! The Complete 50s Recordings" (5.09)

The Bop Cats with friends: "String-Go" (5.09)

The Seatsniffers: "Turbulence" (5.09)

Rave On: "Blue side of Rock n’ Roll" (4.09)

Various: "Great British Rock’n’Roll" (4.09)
Just About As Good As It Gets! - The Original Rock’n’Roll Recordings 1956-1958 – Vol 3

Mars Attacks: "Follow Me!" (4.09)

RoundTown Beats: "Rockin’ Around The Town!!!" (4.09)

The Guilty Hearts: "Pearls Before Swine" (4.09)

Various: "Psychobilly Weekend – The Movie & The cd" (4.09)

The Junkyard: "Punchdrunk" (4.09)

Tumblewine Films - 15th Anniversary Bonanza!:
Konsert Parkteatret, Oslo, lørdag 11. april 2009

Rocket In A Pocket: "…kick it over the moon" (4.09)

Brian Setzer: "Red Hot" - dvd (4.09)
A comprehensive anthology of Brian Setzer’s appearances on American TV

Bob Log III: "My Shit Is Perfect" (4.09)

Winter Dance Party: "50th Anniversary Special - The Day The Music Died" (3.09)

Big Bayou Bandits: "Cajunbilly" (3.09)

Banderas: "Beast Sounds And Parlour Tricks" (3.09)

Jerry Lee Lewis: "The Road Begins. The Early Recordings In Sun Records" (3.09)

Mike Zero: "Zeroism" (3.09)

The Better Men Than You: "Jack The Ripper" (3.09)

Various: "Texas Fever" - Collectors Choice – Volume 1 (3.09)

Crazy Cavan 'N The Rhythm Rockers: "Let’s Fuckin’ Rock" (3.09)

Jimi Lipponen & The Kummitusjuna: "Kesoil" (3.09)

Steve Muskrat: "Only the Cool" (3.09)

Delta Highway: "The Devil Had A Woman" (3.09)

Live & Jive #17:
Konsert i Katrineholm, Sverige, lørdag 28. februar 2009

Cables: "Same Places, Same Faces" (3.09)

Dave Arcari: "Got Me Electric" (3.09)

Bill Haley’s Original Comets: "… the fathers of Rock’n’Roll – Live In Concert" - dvd (2.09)

The Buffalo Chips: "Rockabilly Party" (2.09)

The Lovell Sisters:
Konsert på Mono, Oslo, mandag 23. februar 2009

Jinx Jones: "Live Twang In Finland" (2.09)

Charlie Hightone and the Rock-It’s:
Konsert på Caven, Oslo, lørdag 21. februar 2009

Teddy Trigger And The Gatling Guns: "Bad Intentions" (2.09)

The Rhythm Aces (UK) + Riot Boys:
Konsert på Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Moss, lørdag 14. februar 2009

Cosmic Cockfish Jukebox: "One Behind Another Ahead" (2.09)

Rockin’ Paradox: "Fix Up The Drinks And Bring On The Heartache" (2.09)

Fatboy: "In My Bones" (2.09)

T-Bird Gang: "It’s Showtime!" (2.09)

Movie Star Junkies: "Melville" (2.09)

Various: "Wild Rockin’ And Boppin’ Vol 2" (2.09)

The Rock-a-Bops:
Konsert på Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Moss, lørdag 17. januar 2009

Big Bad Shakin’: "King” (1.09)

The Prison Band: "... and the law won” (1.09)

TwangBangers: "Twang! Boom! Bang!” (1.09)

Nitro 17: "Onto The Other Side” (1.09)

Torment: "Round The World” (1.09)

Teenage Terror: "Set A Rip” (1.09)

We The People: "Too Much Noise” (1.09)