Anmeldelser av plater og konserter 2004:

Friday Nite Rumble!: Volume 12 (9.04)

Lee Rocker: The Best Of... Burnin' Love (9.04)

Mensen: Ready To Go (singel) (9.04)

Saints And Sinners: Bad Luck (9.04)

Foggy Mountain Rockers: WanTed-six rockin’ men (9.04)

The Polecats: Let's Bop With The Polecats + Boz & The Bozmen 'Live & Rockin' (DVD) (9.04)

Grand Arena Rock’n’Roll Party 2004: Live (9.04)

Boppin’ Pete & Big Bang: Symphony No. 451 In F-flat + Thunder Moon (A Little Bit Of History Repeating) + Thunder Moon (9.04)

Catie Ness and the Revenge: Live at Tokyo Garden (8.04)

Jetsurfers: Five Years Down The Road (8.04)

The Red Shots: Jubilee (EP) (8.04)

Wanda Jackson:
Konsert på Classic Car Week, Rättvik, Sverige - mandag 26. juli 2004.

Rockin' At the Wild Bunch No.2
The Tempo Toppers - Black Raven - 427 - Greggi G & His Crazy Gang - The Silver Bullets -
Black Knights - Johnny & the Roccos - Lou Cifer & the Hellions - Trouble Boys
Konsert på The Wild Bunch Rock'n'Roll Club - Kambo utenfor Moss 13. og 14. august 2004.

The Tremors: The Scourge Of The South (8.04)

The Ticklers: T. E. Bekken / Bertil Jøreng (8.04)

Callela Psychobillymeeting 2004:
Konsert i Callela, Spania - 6. - 13. juli 2004.

DueTones - Go-Getters - Eva Eastwood:
Konsert på Village i Västerås, Sverige - lørdag 10. juli 2004.

Darrel Higham & The Enforcers: At The Thunderbird Rock & Roll Venue (8.04)

Palookaville!: Palookaville! (7.04)

Cash O’Riley and the Down Right Daddies: Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache (7.04)

Sue and the Flaming Stars: Drivin’ on the Highway of Love (7.04)

Dee Lannon & The Shindiggers:
Konsert på Madam Felle, Bergen - lørdag 3. juli 2004.

Robert Gordon: Satisfied Mind (7.04)

The Seatsniffers:
Konsert på Rock Bottom, Oslo - torsdag 24. juni 2004.

Charlie Thompson: The Rockin’ Side Of Charlie Thompson (6.04)

Doug Wilshire & The Capers: Love In Disquise (6.04)

The Seatsniffers: Let’s Burn Down The Cornfield (6.04)

Gin Palace Jesters: Honkytonk Fools (6.04)

BR549: Tangled In The Pines (6.04)

Tarmer: Demo CD (6.04)

Gene Summers: Do Right Daddy! (6.04)

X.Lover: Demo CD (6.04)

Slink Moss Explosion: Slink Moss Explosion (6.04)

Dottie & the Wolfpack: Watch Out!!! (6.04)

The Mad Men: It's A Mad, Mad World (5.04)

Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings: Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings (5.04)

Pete Hutton & the Beyonders: Once Bitten Twice Shy (5.04)

The Beetle Crushers: Introducing (5.04)

Curly Phillips & The Nightriders: So Many Nights (5.04)

Bobby Bare jr's Young Criminals' Starvation League: >From the End of Your Leash (5.04)

The Emo Diaries: The Hope I Hide Inside (Various) (5.04)

BOP!: Various Artists (5.04)

The Roy Kay Trio: Knockin' Em Back (5.04)

Darrel Higham & The Enforcers: Urban Jamboree (5.04)

Black Knights: Jack In The Box (5.04)

Kingcats: Saturday Nite (5.04)

Strummer/Marley/Cash: Tre legender (5.04)

Built For Speed:
Konsert på Triangelen Kafé, Elverum - fredag 30. april 2004.

Mike Bell & the Belltones: Let’s Rock Tonight (5.04)

El Rio Trio: El Gringo (5.04)

Rebels Revenge: Wild Bunch Boogie (5.04)

Nekromantix: Dead Girls Don't Cry (5.04)

Built For Speed: Gretschoholic ...and other love songs (5.04)

Rhythm Train: Back On Track (5.04)

The Tempo Toppers: Snapshot (4.04)

100% Psychobilly vol.2: Various (4.04)

Blue Eagles, Green Kryptonite, Top Cats:
Konsert på Rådoms Bygdegård, Torsby, Sverige - lørdag 24. april 2004.

Wayne "The Train" Hancock:
Konsert på Siste Reis Pub, Halden - torsdag 22. april 2004.

Wanda Jackson + Tim Cook & The Riverwesterners + The Lustre Kings:
Konsert på Vnuk’s Lounge & Bar, Cudahy, Milwaukee, WI, USA - fredag 9. april 2004.

Seasick Steve & the Level Devils: Cheap (4.04)

Rhythm Bound: Born To Love You (4.04)

The Rockats:
Konsert på Triangelen Pub, Elverum - Fredag 9. april 2004.

The Go Getters: .....motormouth (4.04)

The Grapestompers: Swingin’ & Swayin’ (4.04)

100% Neo-Rockabilly: Real bands playing real music (4.04)

Twang Gang: Listen, It’s the Twang Gang (4.04)

Darrel Higham: The Sweet Georgia Brown Sessions (4.04)

Billy Hancock: Wanted True Rock'n'Roll (3.04)

The Surfin' Gorillas: The Return of the Surfin' Gorillas (3.04)

The Rhythmatics: Hot Rod Daddy (3.04)

Built For Speed og The Moonstompers:
Konsert på Cave'n, Oslo - lørdag 20. mars 2004.

The Wildkatz: Time To Run (3.04)

Jerry Naylor: The Rockabilly Legends (3.04)

Seasick Steve & the Level Devils:
Konsert på Cafe Mono, Oslo - onsdag 10. mars 2004.

The High Rollers: Hungover (3.04)

Triple T: Swing Thing (3.04)

Danny Wild and the Wildcats: Wild in the Country (3.04)

The Heartbreakers: I'll Never (3.04)

The Moonstompers: Brand New Beat (3.04)

The Last Call Brawlers: The Last Call Brawlers (3.04)

Eddy & The Backfires: Seven Nights To Rock (3.04)

Kirk Fletcher: Shades Of Blue (3.04)

The Tri Sonics: All I Ever Wanna Do (3.04)

Eddie Cochran: At Town Hall Party (DVD) (2.04)

The Rockats: The Last Bop- Farewell 1984 + Wild Love + Whiskey Boy-Trouble Maker (2.04)

Mal Gray Band: Easy Money / Poor Dog Blue (2.04)

The Doomsday Rockers: 4 Minute Warning (2.04)

The Tin Cans: Listen Up! (2.04)

Biller & Horton: texotica (2.04)

Chrome Daddies: Drunk And Mis-Behavin’ All Over Europe (Live) (2.04)

Wee Willie Harris & The Alabama Slammers: Rag Moppin' (2.04)

The Straight 8s: Casualties of Cool (2.04)

Crazy Legs: Rockabilly Riot (2.04)

The Blue Jays: Ridin' the Brit Beat (2.04)

Dick Brave & the Backbeats: Dick This! (2.04)

Horrorpops: Hell Yeah! (2.04)

Randy Rich & The Poor Boys: The Way You Came (2.04)

Paul Ansell's No9: This Train I'm On (2.04)

Ride The Train!: Volume 2. Various Artists (2.04)

Chrome Daddies: Gear Up Daddy (2.04)

The Feeders: Let Me Love Again (2.04)

Johnny Trouble and the Razors: Black Leather Doll (1.04)

Alabama Slammers: Gimme Some More (1.04)

The Flying Phantom And His Flaming Stars: The Flying Phantom And His Flaming Stars (1.04)

The NuNiles: Get Set Go! (1.04)

The Beat Tornados: Scandinavian Interlude (1.04)

Marti Brom: Wise To You (1.04)

The Boom Boom Cats: Tell Me Who… Told You ’Bout Lovin? (1.04)

100% Rockabilly Vol. 2: TCD 2822 (Various) (1.04)

The Smalltown Ramblers: Demo (1.04)

Royal Porn Celebrities: Demo (1.04)

The Carburetors: Pain Is Temporary * Glory Is Forever (1.04)

Johnny Cash: Live at The Fold 5. juli 2003 (video) (1.04)

The Carburetors:
Konsert på Pøbben, Flisa - lørdag 17. januar 2004.

The Silent Majority og The Sabrejets:
Konsert på Caven, Oslo - fredag 16. januar 2004.

Lee Rocker: Bulletproof (1.04)

Cast Iron Arms: Arms Full Of Rockin’ (1.04)

The Meteors: Psychobilly (1.04)

The Go Getters: Live! in Los Angeles (1.04)

The Cramps: Fiends of Dope Island (1.04)

Rusty and the Dragstrip Trio: Playing for You (1.04)

The London Rock'n Roll Show: Diverse artister (DVD) (1.04)

Slap Sally Combo: Darkest Days (1.04)

Taggy Tones: Rockin’ (1.04)

Dr. Bekken & The Bookerizers: Got Milk If You Want It (1.04)

Rockin’ Ryan and the Real Goners: Caged Heat (1.04)

Wes Pudsey & the Sonic Aces: My Baby Rocks Like Betty Page (1.04)

The Mercy Brothers: Strange Adventure (1.04)

100% Psychobilly: TCD 2772 (Various) (1.04)

Friday Nite Rumble!: Volume 10 (1.04)