Anmeldelser av plater, konserter og dvd 2008:

Various: "21st Century Fin-A-Billy Vol.1" (12.08)

Ronny Pøbel: "Penga Går Som Faen!" – 45 rpm singel (12.08)

Ray Allen & The Blue Rhythms: "Ray Allen & The Blue Rhythms" (12.08)

DueTones: "Take A Trip With The DueTones" (12.08)

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s: "Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels" (12.08)

The Pete Best Band: "Haymans Green" (12.08)

Los Derrumbes: "Let's Go To The Lava" - 4-spors ep (12.08)

Pirate Love: "Black Vodoun Space Blues" (12.08)

The Clash: "Live at Shea Stadium" (12.08)

The Slammers: "Jive Time!" (12.08)

Status:Fatal: "Legion Midt-Norge" – 45 rpm ep (12.08)

Raik And The Chainballs: "Under The Silvery Moon" (12.08)

Louisiana Red & Little Victor’s Juke Joint: "Back To The Black Bayou” (12.08)

Green Granadas: "Slidin’ All Over” (12.08)

Cosh Boys: "Motorcycle Gang" – 45 rpm ep (12.08)

The Cordwood Draggers: "A Good Ol’ Country Jamboree" (12.08)

Big Daddy & Rockin’ Combo: "Dead By X-Mas" (12.08)

Shotgun Whalers: "Shotgun Whalers” (12.08)

Raik And The Chainballs:
Konsert på Wild Bunch Rock’n’Roll Club, Queens Pub, Moss, 29. november 2008

Bebe Schöenfelt + Döden + Mono Lake + MT Six:
Psychobilly Week End, Café Fiasco, Oslo, 28. november 2008

The Crystalairs: "And Then … They Sang Again” (11.08)

"Another Music In A Different Kitchen"
"Love Bites"
"A Different Kind Of Tension" (11.08)

The Koffin Kats: "Drunk In The Daylight” (11.08)

Mischief!: "Hot Wheels” (11.08)

Lisa George And The Pedalos: "The Devil Said Shake” (11.08)

NSH: "Nilsen’s Southern Harmony” (11.08)

Cliff Richard: "50th Anniversary Album” (11.08)

Johnny J & The Hitmen: "Louisiana Rockabilly” (11.08)

Hellbilly Boys: "Hellbilly Boys” (11.08)

Gene Snowden: "Austin’s Original Hillbilly Poet” (11.08)

Pearly Catz: "Hallingpünk” (11.08)

Eddie And The Flatheads: "Lindy Lou" - 45 rpm singel (11.08)

Eva Eastwood: "Well Well Well" (11.08)

Rex Rudi: "Alt Er Vel" (10.08)

Bob Luman: "Bob Rocks" (10.08)

Various: "Midsummer Rock’n’Roll Jamboree" (10.08)

Carlos And The Bandidos:
"Bandido-A-Go-Go! Carlos And The Bandidos"
"The Good, The Bad And The Bandidos" (10.08)

Johnny Loda And The Echorecs: "Cool Tall Girl" (10.08)

Green Granadas:
Konsert på Stopp Pressen, Oslo, 18. oktober 2008

Longboards: "Motorhythm" (10.08)

The Sunny Bottom Boys: "Keep On The Sunny Side" (10.08)

Caroline Casey & the Stringslingers: "This Broken Crown" (10.08)

Hillbilly Hellcats (US):
Konsert på Wild Bunch Rock'n'Roll Club, 11. oktober 2008

Rhythm’ Train: "Bad To The Bone" (10.08)

Wildfire Willy And The Ramblers: "Too Much Lovin’" - 45 rpm singel (10.08)

The Buckshots: "20 Live Rounds" (10.08)

Mr Whiz: "I Wanna Go" (10.08)

The Chords: "The Mod Singles Collection" (10.08)

The Fleshtones (US) og The Goo Men:
Konsert på Dean Bar, The Crypt, Fredrikstad Rockeklubb, 3. oktober 2008

The Starliters: "Stop Kiddin’" (10.08)

The Western Aces: "Introducing The Western Aces" (10.08)

Warren Smith: "Rockabilly Legend" (10.08)

T-Bear & the Dukes of Rhythm: "Let The Sweet Talk Flow..." (9.08)

The Go Getters: "Hot Rod Roadeo" (9.08)

Flat Foot: "Cold Case" (9.08)

Turbonegra: "L‘Ass Cobra" (9.08)

Various: "Rock’n’Roll Weekender Soundtrack" (9.08)

Good Time Charlie: "Mojo Energy" (9.08)

Good Time Charlie:
Konsert på Café Mono, Oslo, 20. september 2008

Carl & The Rhythm All Stars: "Slipped My Mouth" (9.08)

Texas Steve & The Git Gone Trio: "At Your Door!" (9.08)

Texabilly Rockets: "Raw & Wild" (9.08)

Sunglasses After Dark: ”Sunglasses After Dark” (9.08)

Lou Cifer And The Hellions: ”Rockville Nocturne” (9.08)

Moonlight Cruisers: ”Hey There Baby!” (9.08)

Johnny Cash: "The Complete Sun Masters" 3 cd boks (9.08)

The Bel Airs: ”The Origins Of Surf Music” (9.08)

The Reno Brothers: ”90 Miles To Reno” (9.08)

Snakebite: "Rockabilly Rules Okay!" (9.08)

Stray Cats + Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln:
Konsert på Berns Salonger, Stockholm, 29. august 2008

Hannes & The Blue Vinyl Freaks: "The Sun Recordings & more!"
Featuring: Wanda Jackson (8.08)

Yuichi & The Hilltone Boys: "Yuichi & The Hilltone Boys" (8.08)

Various: "Perfect Unpop"
Peel Show Hits & Long-Lost Lo-Fi Favourites Vol.1 1976-80 (8.08)

Lil’ Esther and her Tinstars: "Gone Is My Mind" (8.08)

The Wildcats: "Take And Give" (7.08)

The Tornadoes: "Charge Of The Tornadoes" (7.08)

Mitch Woods featuring The Lazy Jumpers: "Jukebox Drive" (7.08)

Jerry & The Rockets: "Takin’ Off" (7.08)

Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers:
Konsert på John Dee, Oslo, 18. juli 2008

Gumbo: "Beat Of My Heart" (7.08)

The Kingsmen: "Louie Louie – The Best of The Kingsmen" (7.08)

Cenobites: "Blue Fandango" (7.08)

Rewinders: "....Meanwhile, Back In The Swamp" (7.08)

Various: "Welcome To The Club - Early Female Rockabilly" (7.08)

Al Willis And The New Swingsters: "Got Some Rockin’ To Do" (7.08)

The Robbins: "I Must Be Dreamin’" (6.08)

Gutter Demons: "Misery, Madness and Murder Lullabies" (6.08)

Taggy Tones: "Rollin’" (6.08)

Blues In a Cop + Rockats + Refreshments + Noise Pollution + Dr Feelgood:
Konsert på Bakgårdsblues, Elverum, 14. juni 2008

Smokestack Lightnin': ”Heads Of Agreement” (6.08)

Janis And Elvis: "Janis And Elvis" (6.08)

Various: "16 Truck Drívin' Songs" (6.08)

Kick’em Jenny: "Untamed!" (6.08)

The Hometown Gamblers: "Dypsomania" (6.08)

John Fogerty:
Konsert på Sentrum Scene, 28. mai 2008

Robert Gordon featuring Danny The "Humbler": "Live from Berkeley Square" (5.08)

The Baboons: "Boogie Curse" (5.08)

Rockin' Henri: "It's Sociabillywoprock Time!" (5.08)

Danny Cedrone: "Guitar Virtuoso" (5.08)

Liverpool Five: "The Best Of Liverpool Five" (5.08)

Bobby Darin: "Early Bobby Darin" (5.08)

Phil Trigwell: "The Truth Became A Lie" (5.08)

Moonshine Reunion: "Sex, Trucks & Rock’n’Roll" (5.08)

Link Wray and His Ray Men: "The Swan Singles Collection 1963-1967" (5.08)

Bebe Shoenfeldt + Teddy Trigger & the Gatling Guns + The Lucky Bullets:
Oslo Psychobilly Weekend på Café Fiasco, Oslo, 4. mai 2008

Big Daddy & Rockin’ Combo: "My Cadillac Kids" (5.08)

Cajun Mockfrogs + The Retrorockers + The Lucky Lips:
Brand New Opry på Gamla, Oslo, 30. april 2008

The Up South Twisters: "The Up South Twisters" (4.08)

Various: "Rock’n’Roll Is In My Soul" (4.08)

Runnin’ Wild: "I Dressed In Black Today" (4.08)

Built For Speed + Marco Di Maggio Band + Robert Gordon:
Konsert på Energimølla, Kongsberg, 18. april 2008

Nick Lowe: "Jesus Of Cool" (4.08)

Astrolites: "Hard Luck" (4.08)

Neva River Rockets: "Moonshine Troubadours" (4.08)

Dale Hawkins: "Dale Rocks" (4.08)

Johnny Law and the Pistol Packin’ Daddies:
"I’ll Get It Right!"
"Crazy Love"
"Doggin’ It Home" (4.08)

The Rock-a-Bops: "Wild Child" (4.08)

Three Bad Jacks (US) + support: Döden:
Konsert på Caven, Oslo, 28. mars 2008

John Lindberg Trio: "Win Or Lose" (3.08)

Gene Vincent: "Bop Street" (3.08)

Cosh Boys: "We Are Still Juvenile Delinquents" (3.08)

Atomic Sunset: "Hot Rods & Pin-Ups" (3.08)

Various: "The Golden Age of American Rock’n’Roll. The Follow-Up Hits" (3.08)

The Buckshots: "3 Jacks High" (3.08)

Heavy Trash + support The Migragirls:
Konsert på Garage, Oslo, 5. mars 2008

The Cat Pack: "It Ain't What You Do" (3.08)

Buck Owens with The Buckaroos, Buddy Alan & The Hagers: "Live in Scandinavia" (3.08)

3 Lost Maniacs: "Back 4 Blood" (3.08)

Robert Gordon: "The Essential" (2.08)

Jetsurfers: "Western Reality" (2.08)

Three Blue Teardrops: "Rustbelt Trio" (2.08)

Le Chat Noir: "Deadwood" (2.08)

Cherry Casino and the Gamblers:
Konsert på Caven, Oslo, 16. februar 2008

Huelyn Duvall with Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers: "Get Carried Away" (2.08)

Cathouse Thumpers: "Cathouse Thumpers” (2.08)

Crazy Joe and his Mad River Outlaws: "The King of Nerd-A-Billy” (2.08)

Peter Pan Speedrock: "Pursuit Until Capture” (2.08)

Gin Palace Jesters: "Roadhouse Riot.....and other songs with words" (2.08)

Various: "Wild Rockin’ And Boppin’" (1.08)

Saints And Sinners: "Sin & Redemption" (1.08)

Dibbs Preston and The Detonators: "Dibbs Preston and The Detonators" (1.08)

Various: "Psychobilly & Rockabilly Mayhem" dvd (1.08)

Mad Sin: "20 Years In Sin Sin" (1.08)

Hillbilly Casino: "Suckerpunched" (1.08)

Various: "Paid In Black – a Tribute to Johnny Cash" (1.08)

Black Raven: "Rock in Threes" (1.08)

The Roofraisers: ”Wild At Heart” (1.08)

The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo: ”The Great Skifflebilly Train Wreck” (1.08)

Various: ”Hollywood Rock’n’Roll - 12 Rare Rockabilly Tracks” (1.08)

The Hub Caps: ”Full Throttle” (1.08)

Finn And The Sharks: ”Breakfast Special” (1.08)

Various: "Frankfurt Special - a tribute to the King” (1.08)